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17th November 19
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Our class


We are Reception!


Our teachers are Mrs Schofield, Miss Threlfall and Mrs Nagy.

Mrs Seedat, Miss Green, Mrs Bolton, Mrs McDermott, Mrs Tagari and Mrs Harrison help us every day.

We have a lovely unit with lots of different equipment. We learn through our play. Outside we also have a secure, canopied play space with a sandpit, house, garden, mud kitchen and decking.










Internet Safety


We have been talking a lot about internet safety recently. Please take a moment with your child to make them aware of the dangers on the internet and to always ask for help if they need it.

Important dates this half term


Tuesday 3rd September - Back to school!

Wednesday 16th October & Thursday 17th October - Parents Evenings

Friday 18th October - Finish school for half term

We have been very busy exploring our new environment. We love learning in reception and will often come home with mucky jumpers.


Summer 2- Life in the Jungle


During the first two weeks we will be assessing the children.  We will then begin our first theme which is called Traditional Tales. 



In literacy we will be reading The Three Little Pigs and Cinderella.  Children will use actions to help them retell stories. They will engage in sequencing activities and role play. Their skill of blending will be enhanced by oral blending activities and reading a range of words within stories. We will be beginning to engage in daily phonics activities.  This will include activities distinguishing between sounds and beginning to learn our phase 2 sounds. Children will develop their segmenting skills through oral and written activities. They will use their knowledge of phonics to label characters, make shopping lists, create posters and write character descriptions.




Children will develop their  accuracy when touch counting objects and matching to numerals.Children will order numbered pigs/goats. They will put x amount of pigs in the pen and count animals.  They will match numerals to quantities and begin to write these.C hildren will develop the language of prepositions by looking at the positions of character from the stories. They will develop understanding of size ordering size ordering (length and height) using characters and objects from the story. Their 2D shape knowledge will be enhanced by using shapes to make arrangements.



The children will discuss the feeling of the characters in the story and relate to that to themselves. They will discuss the actions of the characters and develop their moral understanding, e.g. is it ok to steal? The children will look at the strengths of the characters and use this to discuss their strengths and make suggestions for things that would like to get better at.


Communication and Language

 Children will be given the opportunity  to retell stories. They will use actions to support their story retelling.  They will develop skills in being able to answer how and why questions about the characters, events and setting.


Physical Development

The children will learn how to wash their hand, write their own name and move in different ways. Children will engage in hand washing activities.  They will be taught how to hold their pencil correctly and write their name. When looking at The Three Little Pigs they will be taught stranger danger.


Understanding the World

Our topic is 'Traditional Tales'

Children will discuss the family customs and routines within the stories and discussing their own.  They will discover how thing change and look at some cooking equipment. Children will begin to recognise technology in their environment and match it to specific purposes, e.g. a microwave for heating food. Children’s knowledge of the world will be enhanced by looking at where food comes from and facts about animals within the stories.  Children will discuss their family and the people who are special to them.  They will look at similarities and differences between themselves and others.


Expressive Arts and Design

In expressive Arts and design children will be exploring different materials, creating collage, designing and constructing bridges and using a variety of tools to change materials.



We will be learning about ourselves.





Our Week



Monday - Home readers will be collected and changed if needed.We have P.E.

Wednesday - Homework to be handed in and we have P.E. Please ensure your child has their P.E kit in school (all clothing labelled with your child's name) and that all earings are removed for this day. 

Home readers will be collected and changed if needed.

Homework/Weekend Wonders will be sent home on a Friday and books will be collected and changed.

Friday - Home readers will be collected and changed and homework will be given out.


We have lots of helpers in the reception unit who read with the children. Please ensure that their book bags and books are in school everyday.




Reading and homework


Ready to Read.

We always try and read with your child in school either individually or as part of a guided reading session once a week. If your child has read their book confidently and has been able to discuss it with the adult, it will be changed for a new book. However, it is very important that you continue to read with your child every evening and that you sign their reading record book, adding a short comment about how they have read each time. By reading with your child regularly, you are helping them to develop their sight vocabulary, which plays an important part in their increasing fluency of reading as well as helping to develop their understanding of what they are reading. We find that the children who practise every night make better progress with their reading. When your child has read their book fluently, without sounding out most of the words, and has demonstrated that they understand the story, please write in their diary. Their book will then be changed by a member of the teaching team at the next available opportunity.

We have a reading reward scheme where children receive rewards for reading a number of books. We have already had a numebr of children who have received certificates for reading 20, 30 or even 40 books!  When listening to your child read, the adult in school will also practise their words from their word book with them. When the words have 2-3 ticks on them (from an adult in school) your child will be given some new words, this is to ensure that the children are secure in their sight recognition of the words.

We really appreciate the support you give your child with their reading at home, and would like you to know that it makes a big difference to them, so thankyou!



Phonics support


Phonics Support

We have downloaded the phonic mat for phases 2 and 3 of the letters and sounds programme that we follow in school. These are useful to help the children's recognition of the phonemes and to support them in their writing. The children use these mats in the writing area in class. If you would like any clarity on the sounds of the phonemes, or are unsure which mat is the most useful for your child, please come and ask a member of the Reception team!


In order to help our reading become more fluent and our writing more interesting, we are learning to read and spell the tricky words for Phases 2 and 3.

These words are the words we are learning:

Phase 2:    I   to   no   go   the   into

Phase 3:    we  me   be   she   he   was   you   all   are   they   her   my


Please help us to read these words at home, and also to practise spelling them.

Phase 2 sound mat : Adobe Acrobat file (492.5k)
Phase 3 sound mat : Adobe Acrobat file (1035.6k)

Weekend Wonders



Each friday homework will be sent home. We ask for your input in the homework as we love to hear what your child has been learning and doing at home.  Please take a few moments to write a comment about your child's achievements.  We can celebrate this during key worker time.


Homework will be given in a homework book each friday. Phonics and maths work will be set consolidating the topics taught in class each week. All homework is be handed in by the following Wednesday.




Our class rules


Our Rules

To keep us safe and happy in the classroom, our rules are:

  • Good looking
  • Good listening
  • Good sitting
  • Good thinking
  • Keep our hands and feet to ourselves
  • Use quiet voices inside
  • Walk when we are inside
  • Put our hands up when we want to speak
  • Look after each other
  • Look after our toys


Here is a document containing a range of activities to support children's development at home.  We hope you find this useful.

Shape names : Adobe Acrobat file (370.6k)

We have downloaded a useful mat with shape names on to support your child in learning the names of 2D and 3D shapes at home.



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