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14th August 20
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Smile for Life



Nursery and School have been awarded the Smile 4 Life Award.  The award is to help promote good oral hygiene, diet and lifestyle to prevent unecessary dental decay in young children.  Preston currently has high levels of dental decay and we want to work with our local health trust to reduce this.  

National Smile Month is nearly here.  Below we have added some information around oral health.  In the information you will find helpful information around toothbrushes, toothpaste and tooth brushing techniques.

The Oral Health champions are:

Nursery - Mrs Beetham

School - Michele Fitzpatrick

If your child does not have a dentist please contact Michele Fitzpatrick for support with this.

If you would like any further information please contact one of the Oral Health Champions

or visit the smile 4 life website  http://www.smile4life.org.uk/

Healthy Eating : Adobe Acrobat file (2353.9k)
Toothbrushing : Adobe Acrobat file (2291.5k)
NHS Dentristry :  file (156.5k)