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Welcome to Doves Class!

We are a mixed Reception and Year 1 class and our teacher is

Mrs. Nagy.

We also have some teaching assistants who work in our class;  Mrs. McDermott (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday), Mrs. Bolton (Wednesday) and

Mrs. Tagari (every day).





Our Maths work will focus on 3D shape, recognising and making numbers to 50, coutning in two's and length and height this half term. 



This half term our English work will focus on ordering the alphabet, writing descriptions and learning some poems.

In addition to daily English lessons, the children will also take part in daily phonics lessons and group reading activities.

We also have handwriting lessons every week where we are learning to form our letters correctly. 



 In order to help us become really good readers, we like to read to our grown ups at home as much as possible. Please make sure that our reading records are filled in and signed at least 3 times a week. On a Monday, Wednesday and Friday we can change our reading books but before we do so we must make sure that we have read and understood it and that our grown up has signed and dated our diary.

We love reading to ourselves and each other in our class book corner.


In the Doves, we will be having PE lessons every Thursday and Friday. Our Thursday lessons will be supported by a dance coach from PNE and on Friday's we are going to be developing our skills in kicking and playing mini games involving kicking a ball. We like to make sure we have our PE kits in school and that they are fully named as we sometimes get them mixed up! Please make sure that earrings are removed on Thursdays and Fridays in preparation for PE so that your child can take part in the lesson. 


Our science topic will be Seasons this half term. We will explore the changes in different seasons and also look at weather patterns. We will use our recording skills to make weather charts and our observational skills to see the changes in our school environment.


Themed learning

Our theme for this half term is Marvellous me! 

You can view our themed learning overview by following the link below, this will tell you all about the exciting things we are going to learn.

Our homework will be linked to our theme and you can choose, from the homework sheet, which piece of homework you would like to complete each week.



Marvellous me overview
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Phonics is so important as it supports your child's reading and writing. We do daily phonics sessions to help your children to use their blending/ segmenting skills to read and write words correctly. Furthermore, we then encourage your children to apply this knowledge in all of their other subjects.

Next June, every year 1 child will sit the 'Year 1 phonics Screening'. This purely tests your child's ability to use their phonics to read words. Some of the words will be real words but some of them will be made up - so they must be very careful to make sure they don't try to make the 'alien' words sound like a word they already know. For example if the word was 'sike', it may be very tempting to say 'spike' - however, this would be incorrect. It is very likely that your child knows or will soon know more than one way of spelling the same sound. For example 'ai' - can be spelt as 'ai', 'ay, 'a-e' or 'A' e.g 'play' 'paint' 'make' 'Amy' which can be very confusing. To try to help you to support your child with their phonics at home, below you will find some examples of real/ alien (not real) words which contain the sounds which we learn in phonics.

Please use this link to play 'buried treasure' so that your child can practise reading lots of words:

Next, click on 'free' and select the correct phase for your child. Then your child can play on the 'buried treasure' game or the 'obb and bob' game.

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Instructions for how to get on phonics play website
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