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Sports Premium

Sport Premium Funding

The Sports Premium Grant is additional money given to schools with the aim of improving pupil’s engagement and participation with sport and physical education. 

The P.E and Sports Premium Funding will have has sustained impact and improvements through it's use to coach and develop staff in the correct and effective ways to teach a variety of sports, thus enabling them to delivery exciting lessons in P.E, underpinned by modelled coaching.  Alongside this, our involvement in extra curricula sporting events has built upon our community cohension between ourselves and other schools, which is something that the P.E coordinator will be able to develop further through the use of the P.E. and Sports Premium funding.

Mrs C. Dring


Sports Premium Funding 2016/17
( 72 k)
Sports Premium Report 2017/18
( 72 k)
Sports Premium Funding 2018/19
( 72 k)
Sports Premium Funding 2019/20
( 71 k)
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